What are the advantages of the water mattress?

Water mattress is in the market for years. Their birth dates back to 1832. Already the ancient Greeks 2000 years ago appreciated the qualities and qualities of the water mattress. The new technologies have allowed us to insert elements that reduce the movement of the water contained within it. Considered a design product, it has a particular internal structure with watertight compartments.

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The water mattress has always been considered a design product but in addition to aesthetics it also has a series of great advantages, let’s see what they are:

•    It is ergonomic and offers extreme comfort provided by the particular internal structure with watertight compartments.

•    It has a temperature control that guarantees cool in summer and warm in winter, allows the regulation of the water temperature up to a maximum of 38 °.

•    It is used in complete safety, this is guaranteed by the thermostat conceived according to the EEC regulations which provide for the shielding and the interruption of current to the wall when it is not used. Without the thermoregulator, the mattress assumes the temperature of the room (15 °, 20 °), giving a pleasant sensation of coolness.

•    It is anti-rheumatic.

•    It has low power consumption (about 20 watts per hour).

•    Guarantees an optimal rest thanks to a clear reduction of movements (it is scientifically proven that on water mattresses we turn around 3/4 less, this reduction is due to the absence of pressure points that are truly disturbing blood circulation).

•    Prevents spinal cord injuries and gait defects.

•    It is anti-decubitus: in the water mattress the pressure is distributed over the entire support surface, this makes it lower than the average arterial pressure and avoids areas of the skin exposed to risk pressure.

How is the water mattress made?

Generally, the base of the mattress is bounded by a support structure made of sponge, the part to be filled has hermetic closures, the covers are removable and have padding. Outwardly, the water mattress looks exactly like a common mattress, but its “soul” is made up of a particular fiber that, soaked in water, adapts gently to any movement of the body.

On the market, there are different sizes of water mattresses and it is also possible to have a custom-made water mattress.