Useful tips: how to choose slatted frames for your bed?

How to choose slatted frames often it happens that after buying a new mattress you are no longer sleeping, it seems uncomfortable, we get up full of pain and we think we made a wrong purchase despite spending a lot of money. This problem is quite recurrent. In fact many people do not know that a certain type of mattress must be combined with an adequate network. If the net and mattress were not designed to be together, we will not have the benefits that a right match could give.

Are you looking for the right advice to choose the most suitable slats for your mattress? Well, you’ve come to the right article. Below you will find useful tips to choose the network that best fits your mattress. First of all, how should the network be amortized or not? The two major categories of slatted frames include networks with cushioned slats: whose ends are mobile and cushion the movements of the mattress and therefore of your body.

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Amortized or not?

Then there are the non-cushioned slatted frames: whose ends are not mobile but fixed and the shock absorber effect is given only by the curvature of the slats, usually made of beech wood. Let’s move on to the second question: the slatted frames are also divided between those with movement and without movement. The nets with movement are suitable for those who see a lot of TV in bed or like to read whole books under the sheets. Not forgetting that they help the elderly get out of bed. There are networks with manual movement, old wheel style of the car seat and those with the electric remote control, much more comfortable.

When should these slats with movement NOT be purchased? If you have a classic “bonnel” spring mattress, then of the older type, as the folding mattress could compromise the operation of numerous springs, making sleep less comfortable. Another fundamental question, what is the right height of the mattress “from the ground”? Today we see many oriental stele beds that have a very low ground clearance compared to traditional beds. They are fashionable, but are they also effective?